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This recipe is made with my two last tutorials.

The bread recipe is the one used in the toutons recipe. You can add a bit more sugar though as usually it calls for a sweet bread

And the bean paste recipe is from the adzuki red bean paste recipe

Use the same method as with the toutans to flatten the dough then place a tbsp of paste in the middle

Then take two sides and pinch them together

Take the bottom edge and bring it up to the other two joined edges and pinch it together

the bring the other edge in then twist lightly and make sure all the dough is closed.

make sure the bottom has a nice rounded look and place the pinched side onto greased pan. and repeat untill your pan is full

cover and let rise for about an hour

Preheat over 350 F and then bake buns for 20 minutes.

Voila Sweet bean filled buns. To make it look pretty you could also do an egg wash on top and sprinkle sesame seeds before baking.



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Like I said I was a busy bee yesterday. I also made red bean paste and filled buns with them. So here is a tutorial on how to make An(Sweet red bean paste)

First you need Adzuki beans. You can supposedly use red kidney if you don’t have these. But I found them easily enough at the bulk barn.

You need 2 cups of beans and put them in a bowl and fill it with water and let soak for 24 hours.

Then drain rinse and put in pot and fill with water to cover and let boil. We used a pan for this first part as I mentioned in my previous post the only remaining pots I have are all large stock pots XD.

Let it boil for a minute then drain and rinse

Fill the pot again(Or pan in our case) and let boil again

Drain and Rinse one last time Then place in pot again(This time we switched over to our 12 quart stock pot since It will be simmering now) This method is supposed to help give it a better flavor and remove impurities.

Now let the beans simmer for about an hour and a half. Stirring occasionally and making sure to add water so it doesn’t dry out.

They will be ready once they break easily and aren’t crunchy anymore(Taste test)

Now drain the beans and place into pan or pot with a tbsp of oil

Add a tsp of salt and gradually add 1 cup of sugar into the bean mixture a little at a time, each time letting the sugar incorporate.

Now keep stirring occasionally and make sure the beans don’t burn. cook until It becomes a thick paste consistency but still moist(This takes about 10 minutes).

Now this is optional but I like doing it to get a better texture. Mash it with a potato masher

Its ready, Now put it in a bowl and let it cool. Id suggest a bowl with a cover if your not going to use it immediately

Once cooled, flatten the paste, cover and refrigerate till use

You can use this on almost anything. Its pretty universal in Japan. I will be posting another recipe where I will be making bread buns filled with this paste.


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Hey everyone. So yesterday was a “lazy” day for me. Most people wouldn’t call is lazy since I was baking all day and playing with ferrets! It was my day off and were getting down on supplies so I thought I would make a tutorial on how to make my favorite comfort food. Toutons(A.k.a Newfie bread pancakes).

I learned how to make these from my husband. As most people know he is from St-John newfoundland, Born and raised. I moved to St-Johns with him for a year and we moved back down to New Brunswick. Our method isn’t quite traditional. We use whole wheat bread.

First you will need a bread dough recipe. Any will do, We use our basic whole wheat bread recipe.

1 1/2 cups warm water
1 1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp Milk(I use almond but this time we were out so it does fine without milk at all)
3 cups of whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp agave nectar(Or honey, sugar, brown sugar etc)
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast

First fill your measuring cup with a cup and a half of warm water, then put in your olive oil.

Pour the water and oil mixture into your bread machine pan

Put three cups of flour into the pan(We had to use the last of the four XD

With your thumb make a small indent in the flour and pour your yeast into it

Then pour your salt and agave nectar. If you have a timer and want to wait to turn it on. I suggest putting the agave nectar into your water mixture but since were turning it on right away it doesn’t matter.

Now set your bread machine to dough setting and turn on. You can tell our bread machine is well loved. Also a word of advice that I know is obvious but should be said. MAKE SURE that your bread machine is not able to rock off the counter while on. If need be, Put a towel under it. We almost broke out bread machine the first time we used it.

and away it goes.

Now you want to make sure that your bread ends up in a nice ball of dough. If its too dry, add a tsp of water at a time, if its too wet, add a bit of flower. This should only be done after the first beep or close to it. Sometimes your machine can take a while to get that dough.

Now It’s a waiting game :), But not as long as when your making an actual loaf!

And done! Now we can start making our toutons!

Now this part here is VERY important for Newfoundlander’s. You CANNOT forget to put the kettle on for your tea! XD. This is a kettle I bought him after our last small pots bottom got burnt while he was making tea and he started trying to use our 12 quart Paderno pot we got as a wedding present to make tea! Note to self: Need to go get a few more smaller pots when I have the time. XD I think its the appliance we get the most use of. He loves his tea almost as much as he loves his coffee.

Now to make the toutons you need a bowl of flour and a plate with a sprinkling of flour. You can use your cutting board also but we find its cleaner to use a plate instead since you don’t need a huge surface.

Use a knife to cut the dough to size.

Then throw them into the flour bowl and get it coated so its not sticky. Then flatten and round it with your fingers. Until you have a small thin bread pancake

Now put about 1-2 tbsp of olive oil in the pan and make sure its nice and hot before you put your toutons in

Cook until they start to rise but don’t let them burn

Flip and let cook on other side

Then plate and serve with your favorite topping. I like maple syrup but you can use jam, almond or peanut butter, Molasses(Hubby loves this one)

Hope you enjoyed our first Recipe tutorial!
Camille and Al(Hubby tends to make the toutons)

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So For those of you who don’t know. I’m secretary on the board of directors for the ferret lovers society of Atlantic Canada. We got contacted to take these 3 little girls in. One of them is supposedly nippy. I haven’t seen it yet but we will see. Their absolute sweethearts and there wasn’t any hangups with transition into our group. We were prepared to section off the ferret nation to keep them away from our two but they all sniffed each other then quickly curled up together in a pile under my two ferrets favorite nap blanket.

We don’t know their names yet. I’m waiting for an email from the co-chair for more details on their names, ages etc.

This is the little female who might be nippy. We think she might be deaf but time will tell.

Little female ferret We are fostering

Little female number 2

Little female ferret We are fostering

Little female number 3

Little foster female

Little female foster ferret

And here is the group settling in for a nap.The dark eyed white female is my little Francesca(Faye for short). You cant see him in these photos but the lighter sable is my Nikolae (Nika for short)

Time to go to sleep

Time to go to sleep

Time to go to bed

Time to go to bed

Their settling in very well. I cant wait to see how they all do once they get to play out of the cage together


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So I sadly wasn’t able to scrounge up the photo of myself doing this. But when I do I will post it!


Our work tries to have events every so often for fun and to build morale. The HR department hosted Minute to win it. We had to do all sorts of things under a minute to win prizes. The one I did was I had to put a Oreo cookie on my forehead and move it into my mouth only using my facial muscles under a minute. I managed to do it and to everyone’s surprise when I DID, took it out and threw it in the garbage instead of eating it XD. And for my efforts I wont a 10$ gift card to the movies!


Here are a few photos of some people from work trying to do some of the challenges (I have permission from all these people to post the photos)


Silvain had to stack 6 dices onto a Popsicle stick while holding the stick in his mouth. I find he looks like he is meditating in this photo!

This guy had to put 5 ping pong balls into the box by bouncing it once onto the wall and it could only bounce onto the floor once

This guy had to fish(With a paperclip attached to the line) 5 keys within a minute

This guy had to keep the three balloons up in the air for a minute. The record was 10 seconds! No one managed to do this one!


Have I mentioned I love my workplace? There is always something fun going on. Their big on building morale



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Here is another Whats for lunch! Obviously I started my day with another green smoothie. This one looks horrid but is delicious!.


2 bananas

1  cup frozen strawberries

1 cup frozen mango

1 1/2 cups spinach

1 1/2 cups almond milk(I used half half chocolate and original)

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp pure raw organic apple cider vinegar(with mother)

1 tbsp hemp seeds

Here’s a photo of my snack at work which was half of a portion of smoothie an orange and a 1/4 cup of cashews. This was the same thing I ate for my second snack


Lunch was 2/3 cups of whole wheat penne with about a 1/4 cup(Maybe a bit less) of pesto and 1/8 cup of part skim cheese. It was delicious!


I ended up having a Tim Horton donuts at our team meeting at work.They call it being nice but I call it evil, having those temptations at work! lol. Seriously I’m not that upset. I still had one and am not kicking myself over it.


For supper I had an apple with 1 tbsp of almond butter since I had the extra fat from the donuts I tried to keep it lower.


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Raising of the Pride Flag

Last Thursday I went to support my best friend and His Fiance at the raising of the gay pride flag. This is a cause that is dear to me as I have always been against discrimination and bullying. My belief is that everyone has the right to be who they are without fear of bullying. I also believe that everyone has the right to love who they choose to love.

When I was younger I was bullied for being overweight and different. I liked arts and litterature and anime(way back when it was very uncommon) and pets(I got made fun of quite often for liking cats). When I got old enough that I could defend myself people stopped. When I went to highschool and met up with a few friends we set up a rule. No one should be shunned at school. If we saw anyone who was singled out and had no one to hang out with, We invited them to join us. We had a rifraf ragtag team of misfits and we had fun. most of the guys in our gang also ended up coming out of the closet either in high school or after graduation.

I cant say how happy I am that Barry found David(His Fiance). He is a sweetheart and I love him so much. You can only hope that your best friend finds someone who treats him as well as you think they deserve to be treated.

Here are a few photos of the event.


David and Barry


Barry and I(Barrys button says Out mine says Ally).


Pride Cake


Barry got to cut the cake. I got a nice small slice and didn’t eat the frosting. I was a good girl that day lol. Thankfully sugar is not my addiction, salt is. They kept trying to get me to eat another piece.

The presentation before the raising of the flag. The chair of the committee with Interpreter beside him. She had the most adorable poodle mix, Surprisingly Henry(My black miniature poodle puppy) took to him. We are having trouble with his dog greeting manners. He needs more socialization. Esme(Our parti miniature poodle is fine with other dogs)


And the flag raised and starting to flow in the light breeze


Happy Pride week to all my gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered friends!



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