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SCA Chemise Tutorial

Hey everyone! I am so excited. Ive wanted to join the SCA(Society for creative anachronism) since I was 12 years old. At that Time i had a drive to a event and loaner garb would have been given I just needed my mother to sign a waiver for me and let me drive all the way to saint john with complete strangers. Obviously my mother wouldn’t let me -_-‘. Later we found out my mothers friend’s boyfriend knew the woman who would have driven me there. I didn’t talk to my mother for a week after that! I tried to join afterwards but things never clicked into place. Last November Barry and I went to Hal-con(I PROMISE I will post pictures, I took hundreds) and the SCA was there and I watched the fighting demo’s then went and mingled with them. Lo and behold There were Moncton members there! Quite few actually. So we exchanged emails and facebook accounts and This Saturday I have been invited to a members house for a Yule potluck feast and gift exchange. All in garb of course! I’m so excited. The only Issue was garb and Katinka(One of the members I met at Hal-con) Happily invited me over to her house to sew. Katinka I cant thank you enough for helping me. One of the things that tended to stop me from joining the SCA was that None of my friends would join with me and When you join something by yourself you tend to get that little feeling of vulnerability. Going over to Katinka’s house helped dispel all those nervous feelings and now I’m Just excited about Making my garb and learning to do all sorts of things medieval and getting involved!

I love the fact that the first thing I was told when I entered the sewing room was. And by the way, I’m not making this for you, Your making it yourself. I love that! I needed guidance not hand holding and Katinka was wonderful in that department! I cant wait to go over Wednesday and work on my T-tunic dress.

She gave me this Tutorial and This Tutorial for a Chemise and cut all the fabric to show me how to size and did a few modifications(Basically were doing a mix between the T-Tunic and the Chemise) just to make it a bit simpler as We are on borrowed time!

Next day I got to work on my Chemise and decided I would take photos since I’m very Visual and Know there must be other people out there who Diagrams often confuse the heck out of them(Thanks to Katinka they don’t confuse me as much anymore!)

Important note: My pinning technique leaves much to be desired. You are supposed to pin your fabric at the length that’s your seam allowance. I PROMISE I will start doing this. I need to stop with my sloppy sewing habits!

First you start with the actual body fabric and pin 3 inches on each side


This is also a tip I got. you can set a pin up vertically to show where to stop sewing

Sew those two three inch “Shoulders”(Their not really the shoulders but That’s what I call them) and then we work on adding the gussets to the sleeves.

Gussets are the triangular bits that help make the armpit area more comfortable and roomy on the Chemise.


Here they are all pinned to the Sleeve


And Oops, Just realised I made a mistake. This is where this fabric was HEAVEN for my first chemise. I can tell which side is the wrong and right side. If you notice I had the dots looking out on one of the gussets.


There all fixed


And now onto sewing. Watch those seam allowances!

There we now have a gusseted sleeve :). Now you can do the same to your second sleeve(I didn’t take Photos of the second since its the same thing)

Now we are going to attach the sleeves to the Chemise. Remember dots facing dots!(Well most of you will be using a basic fabric so good side facing inwards) For this if you have more space you literally just flatten the material down and pin at the stitch we did at the beginning. My sleeves weren’t cut into two pieces so I centered it by the pleat. If you cut two pieces for your sleeve well just go by the stitch obviously.

Few more closeups



And onto sewing. Once again you can pin vertically(Its now horizontal in my photo lol) To show where your seam ends)


Now we are going to fold it again and pin the sides and the sleeves together and sew that together.


Watch yourself when sewing onto the gusset,It can be tricky.

Now that You’ve sewed both sleeves in and the sides of your chemise in you pretty much have a big sac that falls off your shoulders. Well whats this!? All this work and I cant wear it? But wait! There’s more! 😉 Now we are going to fold the neckline to sew a tube to put ribbon in.


Once that is done Flip your chemise right side out. Look at those beautiful dots XD. Then find your front middle and Cut two holes into the front(Make sure not to cut straight through! I almost did the first time!)


Now you are going to insert your ribbon. I didn’t have any ribbon at this time so I used hemp as it was the only thing I had. But what I will be doing is getting extra fabric and making it into a small tubular ribbon and that will be my ties. Also the hemp helps with this photo demonstration as its darker

What I do is tie the ribbon to a safety pin


Insert into the chemise


Then pull the fabric towards the pin


Then PULL on the end gently and there you go, you’ve made headway without too much frustration!


Now when you get to the end of the first half. cut a small hole to let your ribbon out

Then cut a hole int the other end and slip your ribbon in and keep going(You’ll have to do this again on the other end)


And there it is, Ribbon is finally in


Now you tighten it as you like. and you have a nice basic undergarment for your next SCA event!

Here is a photo of me but I didn’t notice I was pulling the fabric away so you don’t see the nice pleats.

How unseemly I’m in my undergarments!I was wearing clothing underneath don’t worry!. Hence why It doesn’t drape very well 😉


So here is another photo just to show the front pleats properly

I love it! There’s nothing more satisfying than making something yourself that you can wear. I will post more Photos once my T-Tunic dress is done!

I also inherited my first headscarf and am so happy with it! It was a bit too big for Katinka so she gave it to me. Its very simple and I like the look of it. You can find the tutorial on How to make and pin this here

Flemish Kerchief

Flemish Kerchief

Hope you all enjoyed my little tutorial. I cant wait for Saturday to arrive!


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Man have we ever been busy. This is my promise to you guys! I promise to post once a week! Its currently hatchling season for us(A bit late for a season actually) and I have been busy helping my husband out amongst other things.

This is our first video. Its introducing the Bearded dragon Hatchlings. Who are 19 days old in this video. .The Hatchlings are already eating a variety of foods(Including greens) at this age and we believe they will make anyone a great pet when their ready to go. They also love bathing and will soak in a shallow water dish when they get their spray bath. They are eating greens already at 2(Almost 3) weeks old. The method we used to get them to eat it is to put the greens in and spray the tank down(They are put into a smaller tank at first so they come into more contact with the food but will be upgraded very soon to a larger hatchling tank) They will lap at the water on the greens and will accidentally take a bite. Eventually they get a taste for it and then you have a beardie eating greens. We also get them used to eating in the same spot that way we can try different foods like cut up superworm bites or canned foods. That way they get used to different foods for when they go to a new home

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