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Man have we ever been busy. This is my promise to you guys! I promise to post once a week! Its currently hatchling season for us(A bit late for a season actually) and I have been busy helping my husband out amongst other things.

This is our first video. Its introducing the Bearded dragon Hatchlings. Who are 19 days old in this video. .The Hatchlings are already eating a variety of foods(Including greens) at this age and we believe they will make anyone a great pet when their ready to go. They also love bathing and will soak in a shallow water dish when they get their spray bath. They are eating greens already at 2(Almost 3) weeks old. The method we used to get them to eat it is to put the greens in and spray the tank down(They are put into a smaller tank at first so they come into more contact with the food but will be upgraded very soon to a larger hatchling tank) They will lap at the water on the greens and will accidentally take a bite. Eventually they get a taste for it and then you have a beardie eating greens. We also get them used to eating in the same spot that way we can try different foods like cut up superworm bites or canned foods. That way they get used to different foods for when they go to a new home


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