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I apologize for the bad quality of the video. I’m hoping to start making a few cooking videos that I’m able to edit but for some reason the formats my camera takes wont let me edit them.


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This recipe is made with my two last tutorials.

The bread recipe is the one used in the toutons recipe. You can add a bit more sugar though as usually it calls for a sweet bread

And the bean paste recipe is from the adzuki red bean paste recipe

Use the same method as with the toutans to flatten the dough then place a tbsp of paste in the middle

Then take two sides and pinch them together

Take the bottom edge and bring it up to the other two joined edges and pinch it together

the bring the other edge in then twist lightly and make sure all the dough is closed.

make sure the bottom has a nice rounded look and place the pinched side onto greased pan. and repeat untill your pan is full

cover and let rise for about an hour

Preheat over 350 F and then bake buns for 20 minutes.

Voila Sweet bean filled buns. To make it look pretty you could also do an egg wash on top and sprinkle sesame seeds before baking.


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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog, My name is Camille and I’m going to introduce myself and explain a bit about what my goal is with this blog. I am a 24 year old customer service rep and work in a call center. I do cellphone warranty. I actually like my job unlike most people who work in a call center. I love the people I work with and I enjoy working in customer service. I’m Married to my best friend and the love of my life Al. We have been married a year. I met him on a reptile forum 6 years ago and I know I am the luckiest woman in the world to have found a man who loves animals as much as I do. We both are unable to have children so our animals have become our kids.

At this moment, I weigh 323 pounds. At my heaviest(Around my wedding day) I weighed 365 pounds. I have lost 42 pounds. My goal is to get to 167 pounds. This is not a diet but a lifestyle change. One of the things that helps me is to take photos of the food I make. I love cooking and love food in general. Switching to healthy food was never a big problem with me. I’m hoping that blogging meals and recipes will not only help me keep on going but inspire others to do so. I keep saying to myself that I do not want to die of a heart attack at 24. I have many small goals and large goals to help me along the way and instead of being impatient I keep on going with all my little goals. My next two short term goals are to be under 300 pounds(Only 23 pounds to go!) and to be back to a size 22 which is the size I was before I met my husband. At my heaviest I was a size 30. I am now at a size 24 and getting down there. 2 midway goals I have are to train for a marathon with my best friend Barry, We are going to do a couch to 5k. and also to take ballroom dancing lessons with him.

I’m hoping to share stories, recipes, tutorials, pet care articles and I am also hoping to my husband will guest blog if I can convince him. He has the most amazing insight on animals and I would love for him to put it in writing.

Now I will start with my first day of food diary in the next blog and I hope that you all enjoy my blog

Live. Love. Laugh. Cook
Henry and I

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